Mazda Protege Roof Skin

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This group buy is for a Mazda Protege Roof Skin that fits the BJ-Chassis years 1999-2003.5.  Also known as the Mazda Etude and the Mazda 323.  This will not fit the Protege5 wagon model.  This product has been developed as a collaboration between CF and Andre Bembury. 

Installation is recommended to be completed by a professional as it requires removing the front and rear windows as well as removing the original roof skin and all spot welds.  For installation, we recommend 3M 08115 Panel Bonding Adhesive. 

All parts are made with epoxy and carbon fiber.  Original roof weight is 20 lbs and the new carbon weight is 8 lbs.  Finish options include mold finish (no clear coat), Unfinished Gloss Clear Coat, Spray Finish Matte and Blocked and Polished Clear Coat.


  • Aesthetic Carbon Fiber - 6K 2x2 Twill
  • Single Layer of Impact Resistant Fiberglass Mesh
  • Structural Carbon Fiber - 3K 1x1 Plain
  • Epoxy Resin
  • Manufactured Via Vacuum Resin Infusion
  • UV Stable Acrylic Urethane Automotive Clear Coat (Optional)
  • Buffed and Polished (Optional)
  • Made in America (ALWAYS)


  • Pricing is for 10 -14 Group Buy members.
  • If we hit 15 members we will drop the price by $25 each.
  • If we hit 20 members we will drop the price by $50 each. 
  • Final shipping will be billed separately prior to shipment (or free pickup). 
  • Expect $125-$175 UPS shipping domestically.