Frequently Asked Questions

How does a Group Buy Work?

You can submit a new product idea on our Submission Page.  Once we get the submission we will review to ensure it is manufacturable.  If we have any questions about the project we will reach out for additional information.

After a product is suggested, it will be posted for 2 months.  If 5 people do not express interest in the same product, the product will be dropped from the site.

If enough interest is gathered to quote the project, the group buy will progress to the next stage and will remain live for 3 months.  

If a project is dropped from the site, it will need to be resubmitted to be considered again. 

CF Group Buy is primarily automotive based, but we will consider other types of products if you think you have an interested group of people.  Examples of projects we will consider include car parts, motorcycle parts, bike parts, recreational equipment, furniture, musical instrument cases, and more! 

We will consider any project submitted! 

How does production work?

To reserve a spot in the group buy, a refundable deposit is required. If the group buy is not successful, your money will be returned entirely. 

When a group buy is successful, the remainder of the project, in addition to shipping costs, will be invoiced and charged to the card on file.

Expect to see your part 4 to 6 weeks after the group buy closes.  Production time is dependent on the size and scope of the project.  In general, a new product will take 2-3 weeks to mold, followed by 1 day per part.  

For example, a group buy of 10 parts will take approximately 2 weeks to mold, followed by 2 weeks to make the parts.  You will be provided with an update as soon as your group buy closes as well as weekly updates as it progresses. 


Shipping will be dependent on the size of the part and location it is being shipped to. Feel free to reach out for an estimate.  All we will need is your shipping address.

Our parts are all hand-built in Seattle WA and backed by a 1 year warranty for all fitment, clear coat discoloration, and manufacturing defects.  We follow OEM standards for all parts we make, meaning that we guarantee a defect free part every time! To read our complete warranty, visit our Refund Policy page.